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How Graphic Design is Evolving

Hundreds and thousands of lives have changed and were made more accessible since the invention of computers and the internet. Technology plays a significant role in the digital world and enables people to work effectively. The digital world has more to offer on how we use and communicate while it changes from time to time.

Graphic design is part of the digital industry. Graphic design is visual communication that uses illustrations, typography, and photography to help businesses build campaigns and advertisements about their brand, product, or service.

The digital revolution continues to develop as the advancement of technology rise. Graphic design was one to alter from simple graphic illustrations of a product on the packaging or any marketing materials to make its way online and make media appearance.

The evolution of graphic design allows businesses to grow, earn, save more, and make impressions to attract potential customers. Graphic design made it easier for marketers to communicate with their clients and consumers. An appealing graphics will convert the audience’s attention to view the site and drive traffic, which results in a higher chance of being on top results in any search engines.

Today, the internet is the primary source of marketing. Exposing different company brands and advertising them globally.

Companies have different ways to market their products globally, and they creatively use digital media to spread their name. For example, Ikea is a multinational group that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, and kitchen appliances. Ikea launched their virtual reality that lets you experience a three-dimensional, high-definition, and interactive showroom to explore furniture and environment in real-time.

The growth of graphic design eminently impacts the hospitality industry. When creativity and technology merge with quality content will boost occupancy rates and online bookings for the hotel industry. Producing excellent graphics and web design in media can give more attention and make the hotel stand out from the rest, offering an edge for that hotel.

Back in the days, hotel sites are for contacts and reservations only. Now, hotel websites include a collection of images of the hotel’s interior design and amenities. Online bookings allow flexible communication and effective socialization between employees and clients.

Not only graphic design improved but also careers in digital media evolved. Graphic designers can now work anywhere globally while still connected to their workstation; they no longer need to stay in one place. Digital artists use tools that can help create excellent graphic designs. The availability of graphic design applications and software on phones and laptops makes the work easier.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the most popular graphic design software globally and used by most artists. Adobe Photoshop is a tool for editing images that lets you draw or paint on the image. Adobe Illustrator focuses on graphic elements such as illustrations, icons, artworks, etc. used in billboards and business cards. These tools let artists work efficiently and make them flexible.

As the world strives to become more advanced and modern, graphic design is no exception in moving forward. Change is inevitable in digital media. Graphic design is an essential tool that significantly impacts businesses, economies, markets, and artists as it continues to rise.

Photoshop for Dummies

You’ve probably overheard Photoshop, even if you aren’t a professional and well-known graphic designer. This astounding program is helpful for all kinds of business and personal usage. While it can seem terrifying, discovering how to apply Photoshop can be simpler than you imagine.

When you open Adobe Photoshop for the very first time, it’s easy to click around in ignorance and the reach for your freelancer’s phone number instead. But you have to take note that Photoshop is not just for professionals. You can begin understanding it one step at a time. 

To get you started, we handpicked twelve of the most useful tools in Photoshop and explained what they do, how to use them, where to find them, and a few tricks and tips for knowing the most out of them. 

The Layer Tool

The layer is used to perform tasks such as enhancing images, inserting text, brush strokes, patterns, filters and background colours. You can try a layer style to add special effects like glow or shadow. Layers, by far, are the essential component of Photoshop.

Pro Tip: Always put a label in your layers. To keep it organized is to keep you in perfect sanity, especially when your work requires a large number of layers.

Where to Find: You can access it by clicking “Layer” in the top Menu Bar.

The Color and Swatches Tool

This tool is used best to modify, copy and save custom colours for your project. This may seem like a visible component in Photoshop, but it has incredible and powerful features that will keep your vision lively and vigorous.

Pro Tip: Make sure to save your most used colours as “Swatches” so you can back up and reuse it whenever you’re outlining your visual content.

Where to Find: It has its element on the top right-hand corner of the Photoshop screen.

Custom Fonts and the Text Tool

Text tool helps you in adding customized text and fonts on your database. It also gives access in advance font settings that can add some serious style to your text. Once you click the icon font options and much more text setting will pop up at the top of your screen.

Pro Tip: You can go to your computer’s browser to search for available fonts, download it and you can have attached it easily on your Photoshop.

Where to Find: Near the bottom, the capitalized ‘T’ means toolbar.

Custom Brushes and Brush Tools

Same with fonts, you can add up royalty-free, custom brush tips. With brush settings, you can alter the shape, size and transparency of strokes to fulfil several different visual effects. Brushes are an essential way to add such a visual emphasis on your content. The brush set will help you change the brush size, flow and opacity.

Pro Tip: Fluctuating your brush settings can give your brush exceedingly different look and style.

Where to Find: The brush icon on the left toolbar.

The Select Tool

The select tool is known as one of the most fundamental yet frustrating tools to use in Photoshop. But it would be best if you made sure that your layer is highlighted – a dotted line indicates highlighted segments. 

Pro Tip: Choose “Free Transform” to rotate, scale, move and flip your selections.  

Where to Find: You can see it at the toolbar on the left side—the square broken lines icon.

Sure Hit Blog Topics

Are you planning to start your own blog soon but you have no idea what to write about?

Maybe it is because you feel like everyone has talked about the same topics again and again. Or maybe you are having that much dreaded writer’s block. Whatever it is, below are some of the sure hit blog topics that will surely get your creative juices flowing:

  1. How-To Guides

Instruction manuals are definitely not high on the list of priorities of most people right now. Can you still recall the last time you bother to go through an appliance’s instruction manual while sipping your favorite wine? But, how is it that most people still figure things out? Of course, Google is here to the rescue.

How-to articles have made many websites insanely popular. You wouldn’t believe the kind of things and topics people look for in Google. Once you identified an audience in your niche, satiated their curiosities, and provided them helpful answers, you can expect your blog to be a big hit soon.

  1. Ultimate Guides

Experts in subject matters always look for the most reliable ultimate guides for their specific areas of expertise. However, ultimate guide is a somewhat overused term. There are other alternate terms you can use such as complete guide, essential guide, or uncensored guide.

Make sure that there are statistics to back up the informative guide you are writing. Use only those pieces of information from authority sources and credit them for the data. The addition of data to your guides will show your readers that you have a legitimate content and not something that was just taken out of nowhere.

  1. Beginner guides

101 beginner guides as the best place to start before you can convince people of your knowledge about more advanced stuff. Everyone needs to begin somewhere at least. Beginner guides are among the sure hit blog topics that help bloggers generate organic search traffic right from the start.

  1. Recipes

Another way to attract more traffic to your new blog is by sharing recipes. New diet trends and fads are being introduced every single day, which means that there is always a new recipe just waiting to be discovered and shared.

  1. Interviews

You can stand out from the millions of other bloggers by gaining insight straight from the industry experts. Set up interviews with people on your own team or even from other companies to gain helpful knowledge from an expert. The good news is that you don’t need to personally meet the interviewee just so you can talk to them. List down your questions and send these via email.

  1. Personal Stories

Although personal stories are not anchor pieces that you can fill with keywords, they remain to be great additions to all types of blogs. When you share personal stories, it gives your readers a chance to personally relate to you. Telling a story is a form of art and the moment you master the skill, you can be sure that your blog posts will have better quality.

These are just some of the many sure hit blog topics you can write about to attract more readers and gain more traffic.

Ancient Architectures with Post and Lintel

The post and lintel or trabeated system is a simple construction method that involves the use of horizontal and vertical elements. The vertical elements support the horizontal ones to form a single storey of the building. Supplementary verticals can also be placed on top of the horizontals to form structures with over one level. The method of building was significantly important for Ancient Greece’s architecture. Thanks to its utility and ease, today’s genuine lintels has remained to be the number one choice even after the introduction of newer construction methods.

Ancient Architectures in Minoan Civilization

The modern age came to know more about the Minoan civilization during the Palace Periods because of the excavations of great palace complexes that the Minoans left behind on Crete. The grand structures were completely built using the trabeated system.

Ancient Architectures in Mycenaean Civilization

During the Mycenaean Period, the architecture also relied mainly on the trabeated system. Architects of that time experimented with using lintels and posts as elements of the more intricate architecture plans. Two perfect examples of the innovation are found in the Treasury of Atreus and the Lion Gate of Mycenae.

The Lion Gate of Mycenae shows the possibility of adding an element of the post and lintel construction within a completely different context of architecture. In this specific case, the gateway made using the trabeated system is in a portion of Mycenae’s citadel walls made up of ashlar masonry or blocks of stone that have been laid out in straight lines.

The Treasure of Atreus, which is a tholos tomb, also bears the same innovations present in the Lion Gate. However, lintels were the only ones used in this case. Lintels have been inserted on top of walls made of stone blocks and serve as the top of a doorway leading to the tomb. Although not technically posts, the walls perform a similar function in architecture as they hold up the lintels.

The Trabeated System in Temple Architecture

Temples in Greece are carefully decorated, highly aesthetic, and usually monumental in scale. However, despite this complexity, the temples have been engineered with a simple trabeated system. As the Doric and Ionic were developed in the 7th century BCE, the Greek Architects continued relying on the tried and tested scheme.

Other Notable Examples of Architecture with Trabeated System

The Roman era’s Volubilis is one of the noteworthy examples of the trabeated system wherein trabeated elements lined one side of Decumanus Maximus while the other part of the roadway was designed in an arched style.

The style was also originally used in India for wooden construction. However, the technique was later on adopted for the stone structures for the decorated purely ornamented and load-bearing non-structural purposes.

Britain’s Stonehenge was constructed using the trabeated system that served as the basis of the architecture from the prehistoric up to the Roman times. Interiors of the Egyptian temples and exteriors of the Greek temples have been delineated by the stone lintel-covered columns. Greeks opted to substitute beams made from wood for stone since wood required lesser supports while opening up interior spaces.

How Important is it to Own a Good Homepage

If you always take your homepage for granted, you might want to stop this habit of yours. The reason behind it is that your homepage serves as the first impression for new visitors and it’ll be the page the gains the most traffic.

Your homepage also serves 3 primary purposes, which include the following:
• To encourage the visitors view some pages on your website
• To educate the visitors about your brand
• To captivate and attract visitors

Homepage Makes Your Purpose Clear

If your website’s intention isn’t made clear within a few seconds of viewing, you will fail in getting more visitors. They may not leave your website right away but they will not get what you really want them to know about your business, company, services or products.

Homepage Helps You with Clear Branding

Your homepage is like the front door of your home. Think of the brand representation as one of the best door knockers other people have. Your company’s logo must be represented clearly, which makes it a focal point. If you’re including a tagline, make sure that it’s directly to your mission.

Tips to Achieve a Good Homepage

• Establish Your Identity

Having a statement about who you really are as a company is an important thing you may accomplish with homepage design. A lot of times, a homepage is made with a lot of goals in mind. A good homepage introduces what the company does and why it really matters. The layout provides paths to extra pages as well as buttons for call to action, which may result to conversions.

• Avoid Designs by Committee

It applies to each of your pages and it’s essential in the world of design. Basically, design is subjection and the more opinions involved in the process of decision making, the more likely your design would end up a bland compromise that pleases nobody.

• Keep Everything Above the Fold

Above the fold means it refers to the part of the homepage that’s visible in a browser before scrolling has taken place. Oversized navigations and huge logos are two of the primary culprits for pushing helpful content down the webpage. As tempting as it can be to display your logo in all its full size glory, you should take note that it will have an impact on the amount of content your website may display above the fold. It is true not only in your homepage, but also in other pages too.

• High Resolution and High Quality Imagery

For you to convey a trustworthy and professional brand image, it’s essential to use some high quality images. A quick snap on your mobile device does not cut it in terms of web design. Pick a homepage image carefully and choose the one that encapsulates your spirit and embodies the vision of your brand.

A good homepage plays an important role in your website. Do not underestimate its power and make sure to pay attention on its design before you launch your website.

IT Services and the Creative Design Industry

The creative design industry is an economic term given to a broad array of activities generating knowledge and information. According to Howkins, it comprises of :

  • Marketing
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Art and crafts
  • Design, fashion
  • The film, performing arts
  • Music, publishing
  • Research & Development, software
  • Entertainment

Other countries link creative industry directly to culture; thus, also involving food.
Information technology elevated the groundwork for the creative industry and most evident in these four areas.


Fifty years ago film making was done tediously. A crew is needed to move a single film camera. After capturing the whole movie then comes the editing part. Film editing is done by physically cutting the film then pasting it together for the desired scene outcome. Talk about long, hard work!

Today with the development of new light cameras filming is revolutionised. Along with the establishment of cloud services, editing can be done anywhere in the world. Film editors working together in different cities can share their workload. The cloud services began a new millennium for filmmakers, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping.

Food and dining

Ordering food without a long queue from your favourite restaurant is now possible with online ordering. The demand for online order is high. Customers can leisurely browse their choice and add extra side dishes without calling again and again. It eliminates lousy phone connections or loud bar noises that give incorrect orders. Social media posts boost restaurants popularity especially if there are influencers involved. Each snap from mobile devices become marketing tools if posted through social media.

Nutrition also takes advantage of IT services. Now a detailed list of food for a person with diabetes is found everywhere. Recipes and how to cook sites also flourish. We can even find listings of specific diets and their nutritional value all meticulously prepared.

Entertainment at home

Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube: ever tried any of these on your television? These are giants in the streaming field of the entertainment sector. Most of these are available at the comfort of our homes and even on mobile devices.

Gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch and Wii are gaining worldwide popularity to young and old alike. These devices elevate gaming to another level. Even children as early as three years old can access these machines easily and learn ABCs, colours and numbers when connected online.

It was all made feasible because of the IT industry and services. Millions of data are gathered and compiled to mega computers by service providers, given to anyone who has a subscription or access. Nothing beats a fun family night than watching a movie or playing games together at the comfort of your homes.

Research and Development

Inventions and the latest technology are almost at a plateau today. However, Research and development rose and gave innovation a more prominent role. Cameras are mounted now on drones. Self-driving cars that are on sci-fi movies are currently on the road. Telephones became smart phones. How’s this possible, scientists worked and gathered their tests. Log it in into a system then predicts a specific outcome. And who do you think is responsible for the system, yes, people from the Information Tech team. They will repeat this over and over again until they have a breakthrough. Aren’t we all excited about what’s coming from the R and D team of the future?


Lo and behold information technology frees the educational institutions of space and time. Educational services are now delivered anytime, anywhere. A graduate study can be in your very own room with your professor on the other side of the world. You won’t be consuming time and effort for a library visit. Your library is with you. As much as you can read and research in a day. Group studies can be made possible with Skype or messenger apps. Learning of unique materials and specialisation became available for anyone. Have you ever heard of Webinars? Maybe try one in your spare time.

Whatever field you are currently working right now, Information Technology is present. Our lives and careers dramatically changed. As we strive for a better future, Information technology can help us pedal in a convenient, fast and innovative way.