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IT Services and the Creative Design Industry

The creative design industry is an economic term given to a broad array of activities generating knowledge and information. According to Howkins, it comprises of :

  • Marketing
  • Engineering and architecture
  • Art and crafts
  • Design, fashion
  • The film, performing arts
  • Music, publishing
  • Research & Development, software
  • Entertainment

Other countries link creative industry directly to culture; thus, also involving food.
Information technology elevated the groundwork for the creative industry and most evident in these four areas.


Fifty years ago film making was done tediously. A crew is needed to move a single film camera. After capturing the whole movie then comes the editing part. Film editing is done by physically cutting the film then pasting it together for the desired scene outcome. Talk about long, hard work!

Today with the development of new light cameras filming is revolutionised. Along with the establishment of cloud services, editing can be done anywhere in the world. Film editors working together in different cities can share their workload. The cloud services began a new millennium for filmmakers, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping.

Food and dining

Ordering food without a long queue from your favourite restaurant is now possible with online ordering. The demand for online order is high. Customers can leisurely browse their choice and add extra side dishes without calling again and again. It eliminates lousy phone connections or loud bar noises that give incorrect orders. Social media posts boost restaurants popularity especially if there are influencers involved. Each snap from mobile devices become marketing tools if posted through social media.

Nutrition also takes advantage of IT services. Now a detailed list of food for a person with diabetes is found everywhere. Recipes and how to cook sites also flourish. We can even find listings of specific diets and their nutritional value all meticulously prepared.

Entertainment at home

Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, YouTube: ever tried any of these on your television? These are giants in the streaming field of the entertainment sector. Most of these are available at the comfort of our homes and even on mobile devices.

Gaming consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch and Wii are gaining worldwide popularity to young and old alike. These devices elevate gaming to another level. Even children as early as three years old can access these machines easily and learn ABCs, colours and numbers when connected online.

It was all made feasible because of the IT industry and services. Millions of data are gathered and compiled to mega computers by service providers, given to anyone who has a subscription or access. Nothing beats a fun family night than watching a movie or playing games together at the comfort of your homes.

Research and Development

Inventions and the latest technology are almost at a plateau today. However, Research and development rose and gave innovation a more prominent role. Cameras are mounted now on drones. Self-driving cars that are on sci-fi movies are currently on the road. Telephones became smart phones. How’s this possible, scientists worked and gathered their tests. Log it in into a system then predicts a specific outcome. And who do you think is responsible for the system, yes, people from the Information Tech team. They will repeat this over and over again until they have a breakthrough. Aren’t we all excited about what’s coming from the R and D team of the future?


Lo and behold information technology frees the educational institutions of space and time. Educational services are now delivered anytime, anywhere. A graduate study can be in your very own room with your professor on the other side of the world. You won’t be consuming time and effort for a library visit. Your library is with you. As much as you can read and research in a day. Group studies can be made possible with Skype or messenger apps. Learning of unique materials and specialisation became available for anyone. Have you ever heard of Webinars? Maybe try one in your spare time, or if you’re looking for a quality company contact Arinda IT for a free audit.

Whatever field you are currently working right now, Information Technology is present. Our lives and careers dramatically changed. As we strive for a better future, Information technology can help us pedal in a convenient, fast and innovative way.