How Important is it to Own a Good Homepage

If you always take your homepage for granted, you might want to stop this habit of yours. The reason behind it is that your homepage serves as the first impression for new visitors and it’ll be the page the gains the most traffic.

Your homepage also serves 3 primary purposes, which include the following:
• To encourage the visitors view some pages on your website
• To educate the visitors about your brand
• To captivate and attract visitors

Homepage Makes Your Purpose Clear

If your website’s intention isn’t made clear within a few seconds of viewing, you will fail in getting more visitors. They may not leave your website right away but they will not get what you really want them to know about your business, company, services or products.

Homepage Helps You with Clear Branding

Your homepage is like the front door of your home. Think of the brand representation as one of the best door knockers other people have. Your company’s logo must be represented clearly, which makes it a focal point. If you’re including a tagline, make sure that it’s directly to your mission.

Tips to Achieve a Good Homepage

• Establish Your Identity

Having a statement about who you really are as a company is an important thing you may accomplish with homepage design. A lot of times, a homepage is made with a lot of goals in mind. A good homepage introduces what the company does and why it really matters. The layout provides paths to extra pages as well as buttons for call to action, which may result to conversions.

• Avoid Designs by Committee

It applies to each of your pages and it’s essential in the world of design. Basically, design is subjection and the more opinions involved in the process of decision making, the more likely your design would end up a bland compromise that pleases nobody.

• Keep Everything Above the Fold

Above the fold means it refers to the part of the homepage that’s visible in a browser before scrolling has taken place. Oversized navigations and huge logos are two of the primary culprits for pushing helpful content down the webpage. As tempting as it can be to display your logo in all its full size glory, you should take note that it will have an impact on the amount of content your website may display above the fold. It is true not only in your homepage, but also in other pages too.

• High Resolution and High Quality Imagery

For you to convey a trustworthy and professional brand image, it’s essential to use some high quality images. A quick snap on your mobile device does not cut it in terms of web design. Pick a homepage image carefully and choose the one that encapsulates your spirit and embodies the vision of your brand.

A good homepage plays an important role in your website. Do not underestimate its power and make sure to pay attention on its design before you launch your website.

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