Sure Hit Blog Topics

Are you planning to start your own blog soon but you have no idea what to write about?

Maybe it is because you feel like everyone has talked about the same topics again and again. Or maybe you are having that much dreaded writer’s block. Whatever it is, below are some of the sure hit blog topics that will surely get your creative juices flowing:

  1. How-To Guides

Instruction manuals are definitely not high on the list of priorities of most people right now. Can you still recall the last time you bother to go through an appliance’s instruction manual while sipping your favorite wine? But, how is it that most people still figure things out? Of course, Google is here to the rescue.

How-to articles have made many websites insanely popular. You wouldn’t believe the kind of things and topics people look for in Google. Once you identified an audience in your niche, satiated their curiosities, and provided them helpful answers, you can expect your blog to be a big hit soon.

  1. Ultimate Guides

Experts in subject matters always look for the most reliable ultimate guides for their specific areas of expertise. However, ultimate guide is a somewhat overused term. There are other alternate terms you can use such as complete guide, essential guide, or uncensored guide.

Make sure that there are statistics to back up the informative guide you are writing. Use only those pieces of information from authority sources and credit them for the data. The addition of data to your guides will show your readers that you have a legitimate content and not something that was just taken out of nowhere.

  1. Beginner guides

101 beginner guides as the best place to start before you can convince people of your knowledge about more advanced stuff. Everyone needs to begin somewhere at least. Beginner guides are among the sure hit blog topics that help bloggers generate organic search traffic right from the start.

  1. Recipes

Another way to attract more traffic to your new blog is by sharing recipes. New diet trends and fads are being introduced every single day, which means that there is always a new recipe just waiting to be discovered and shared.

  1. Interviews

You can stand out from the millions of other bloggers by gaining insight straight from the industry experts. Set up interviews with people on your own team or even from other companies to gain helpful knowledge from an expert. The good news is that you don’t need to personally meet the interviewee just so you can talk to them. List down your questions and send these via email.

  1. Personal Stories

Although personal stories are not anchor pieces that you can fill with keywords, they remain to be great additions to all types of blogs. When you share personal stories, it gives your readers a chance to personally relate to you. Telling a story is a form of art and the moment you master the skill, you can be sure that your blog posts will have better quality.

These are just some of the many sure hit blog topics you can write about to attract more readers and gain more traffic.

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